The Tahrlost is a vast swamp on the western continent. It is considered one of the most dangerous regions in the world, with a vast flora and fauna that itself presents a constant danger.


Along the western edge of the swamp is the Sleeping Sea. The human population try to live in equilibrium with nature, instead of conquering it as humans often do. They live in small villages that are independent but also friendly to all other human settlements. Their mutual protection of each other has left them at mutual peace with the other humanoid races of the Tahrlost, though they are still at constant odds with nature itself.

Further toward the center are races that are native to the swamp. These races are often considered uncivilized or barbarian. Most common are the lizardmen who themselves have many racial deviations that are most commonly divided into tribes. Neighbor to the lizardmen are the tribes of bullywugs.

In the most remote regions of the swamp are the ruined civilizations of the Yuan-Ti. Their scarcity and remoteness is such that even natives to the swamp rarely interact with the Yuan-Ti.


Acid Fens
A region of the swamp that is toxic to most creatures. Even those that pass through never stay for long.

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