The calendar is based off of a year consisting of 352 days. There are 11 months total, each consisting of 32 days. A week is an 8 day period. The calendar has been is usage since the time of dragons. There is an extra day every third year known as Stonemark. It is not part of any month and falls in between Skaeren:32 and Harmony :1.

Some hold to a lunar calendar of the three moons of Darq, Polr, and Skel, but most keep to the solar calendar.



Uirel (Winter)
Viola (Winter/Spring)
Stejedar (Spring)
Bloom (Spring)
Wyrmrise (Spring/Summer)
Skaeren (Summer)
Harmony (Summer)
Rothelith (Summer/Autumn)
Finrai (Autumn)
Lisana (Autumn)
Frost (Winter)

Days of the Week

The days of the week are representative of the eight different types in the world. Each thing in the world, whether it be creature, object, or action, is seen to be a representative of one of the eight types. Each day of the week is named after a type.


Names and Types
Alu (Water)
Grim (Dark)
Thrae (Air)
Ixen (Fire)
Sol (Light)
Berlam (Earth)

The divine. Sometimes referred to as the air that is breathed by the gods themselves. Only on rare occasions can a mortal channel the aether and even then it is seen as a gift of the gods. Aetherday is the most common holy day.

The fluid and formless things of the world. Plants would fall under the water category as they are constantly changing and adapting according to the season. Alu is of prime importance to fey creatures.

The darkness is representative of shadows. It is the secret and hidden things in the world. Grim is a holy day to those who wish to remain unseen. A common misconception is that Grim is inherently evil but that is far from the case. A fleeing slave, for example, would put a high value on Grim, likely waiting until Grim itself to flee.

Like the wind, air is a representation of freedom and motion. Thrae is the day of worship for individuals such as nomadic tribes, sailors, or traveling merchants. For a ship to have no wind in it’s sails on Thrae is seen as indication of a curse.

The void is where the arcane and psychic energies of the world originate from. Magicians casting large rituals often wait until Void to cast them. Some cultures are suspicious about this day.

Fire represents a wide variety of things. It can represent passion but it can also represent destruction. As such, Ixen is seen as a holy day by a wide variety of religions.

Light is the common or base form of Aether. When a cleric uses the healing power of his god then it is seen as being part of the light. Though since it the light of man and not of the gods then it is considered a lesser holy day for religions of the light.

Earth is seen as solid and unmoving. Earth also represents bones and muscle. A gladiator or guardsman would hold Berlam in high esteem.

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