Minotaurs originate from the red sand beaches of the Sanguine Isles. They once had a vast empire that controlled the southern parts of both continents. While there is little of the domain outside of the isles, they are still fine sailors which they use to raid ships and coastal cities.

Most ship captains go out of their way to hire at least one minotaur to be a part of their crew. Not just because of their skill as a sailor but also to bring in knowledge of how to evade minotaur raid ships.


Minotaurs consider honor to be above all else. Even as they might steal or pirate they will keep their word when given, doubly so to friends and clan. They have little use for justice and live by the tenet that might makes right.


Minotaur values align strongly with the gods of Stejedar and Kajora, but true believers are the vast minority in minotaur culture. They rarely worship beings greater than themselves and would rather cultivate their own strength. For this same reason they do not make warlock pacts.

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