Passive Investigation: 9
Passive Perception: 14


Kooranak values honor & respect above all else. When someone is deserving of honor it should be paid to them, and if someone is unjustly demanding honor, or being honored inspite of their actions, they should be thrown down.

Kooranak claims to be an exile from his people, thrown out from a defeat and unable to return. He is instead a forerunner and a spy for his people. He gathers Intel on locations, villages, and resources ripe for the conquering and is expected to send back word of their locations and weaknesses.

Kooranak was brought up as a Minotaur warrior. Once he reached adulthood he was immediately taken to become a member of a raiding party. His group would travel long distances striking targets for goods, or just for the glory of conquest. On one such mission, when his party was taking a sea side fort, they were overcome by the defenders and the whole party fell. Kooranak was incapacitated during the raid, and fell into the sea. Upon waking up, he had washed ashore some distance away, and had survived the ordeal.
Living through defeat was a massive shame to himself, his family, and his people. He dutifully returned home to face judgement for his failure. His sentence was to a living death, to live among the other races, cut off from his society and culture, forever finding targets of conquest, but never being able to participate in taking them. He would continue in such an existence until his life faded.


Hyth: City of Whispers Kooranak