Passive Investigation: 11
Passive Perception: 14


Born in the fetid and viperous swamps of Tahrlost. Gethkir found himself the child of mushroom farmers. Hard work and the defense of both his family’s and surrounding villages were his teachers. Little time could be spared for a formal education. Upon reaching manhood, however, Gethkir began suffering from disturbing visions and for a time his village was plagued by his nightmarish cries from which he would awaken sweating and shaking in terror but with no memory of what haunted him. Only a terrible sense of dread and foreboding followed his footsteps. Though his parents loved him they knew not what to do and the other villagers were beginning to whisper that Gethkir was possessed.

When one night he awoke and saw fear in his own parent’s eyes he resolved to leave his home and plague his village and family no more. He still regrets leaving his family with no explanation.

Hearing of the ruined civilizations of the Yuan-Ti deeper in the swamps and with no better path before him, Gethkir set off to finally see them for himself. Traveling for weeks he eventually had to admit himself he had become lost in the unknown regions of the swamp and feared he was being hunted by lizardmen.

Pushed eventually to the edges of the swamp, Gethkir crossed a nameless river and found himself in ever increasing arid lands. A brown, sandy and dry place unlike he had ever seen before stretched before him. Seeing lizard men silently watching him on the opposite side of the river on the edges of the swamp, Gethkir resolved to at least walk far enough into the desert to lose the lizardmen.

It was there he found the anchorites.

Through their ascetic way of life Gethkir found a way to control his visions eventually discovering that a deity, Stejedar, was speaking to him. Years spent among the holy men of the desert brought balance and purpose to his life. So it is with both excitement and trepidation that he answered the call to travel to Hyth.


Hyth: City of Whispers haytkir